Automotive Collision Repair

Course Instructor: Jose Martinez
Number of Credits: 3 per semester
Semesters Offered: 4 semesters
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and English 10
Eligible Grade Levels: 11th & 12th
Dual Credit: Vincennes University – 16 Credits
  • Transform body damage, dents and dings back to pre-accident condition
  • Learn the design and structure of bodies of cars and move into a wide variety of job possibilities
  • Learn computerized frame measuring; computerized estimate writing; shrinking and stretching methods; body alignment work; use of spray painting equipment, computerized mixing and matching of paints (solvent and water based)
  • Skills learned include MIG welding, plastic welding and plasma cutting
  • Work clothing and shoes required
  • Basic hand tools required for employment
  • Earn two ASE certifications
  • Earn Sp 2 Safety certification
  • All tools and safety equipment supplied by class and class fee
  • Work-based experience possible for second year seniors with recommendation and transportation required to worksite

Dual Credit Information for 2021-22

Course Number Course Name Credit Amount College
AUTO 105 Transportation Fundamentals 2 Credits Vincennes University
BODY 100 Non-Structure Analysis & Damage Repair 3 Credits Vincennes University
BODY 100L Non-Structure Analysis & Damage Repair Laboratory 4 Credits Vincennes University
BODY 150 Painting and Refinishing 3 Credits Vincennes University
BODY 150L Painting and Refinishing Laboratory 4 Credits Vincennes University

Academic Standards for Success

  • Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks; analyze the specific results based on explanations in the text.
  • Determining the Meaning of Words Use vocabulary skills, context, roots, prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of words.
  • Problem Solving Solve abstract and practical problems by applying and adapting a variety of strategies. Monitor progress and evaluate answers in terms of questions asked.
  • Connections Connect ideas from different areas of mathematics (particularly geometry and algebra) to state or solve abstract or applied problems.

Area 31 Eligibility Statement

Read the Eligibility statement here.

NOTE: Required prerequisites include the successful completion of Algebra I and English 10 for academic credit.