Frequently Asked Questions


Area 31 provides you with the skills and resources to CHART your destiny!

How can I find out more about the program I’m interested in?
Program information is available on this website through our program videos and our 360 tours. In addition, each of our Area 31 participating schools includes program descriptions in their curriculum guide. Ask your school counselor for more information.

When should I make a decision to enter an Area 31 Career Program?
Area 31 programs are taken during the students junior and/or senior year. Students can apply for Area 31 programs the spring prior to their junior and/or senior year. However, it’s never too early to learn about the opportunities Area 31 Career Center has to offer.

Area 31 Career Center hosts an annual open house the last Thursday in January. Watch the website for more information.

How do I enroll?
Enrollment for Area 31 Career Programs ups mid-December and closes in late February. Please see your school counselor for more details.

Enrollment Prerequisites:
Students must successfully pass Algebra 1 and English 10 along with pursuing a Core 40 diploma. Some programs may have additional program prerequisites such as a specific gpa or meeting specific scores on the Accuplacer. See you high school counselor for more information.

Are there any fees or special equipment requirements?
Refer to the curriculum guide for program specific fees.

What about transportation?
Most schools provide transportation between your home school and the Area 31 classes at Ben Davis High School. Please contact your high school counselor for your high school’s information on transportation to and from Area 31 Career Center.

Can I receive college credit for Area 31 Career Programs?
Students can earn college credits through 26 of our career center programs. Please see specific program pages with current dual credit offerings.

Will Area 31 help me find a job when I graduate?
The skills you learn in Area 31 Career Programs – including learning how to develop a resume and apply for a job – definitely give you an advantage over other job applicants. However, we can also help you find available jobs.

Where will I go from here?
Area 31 staff encourages students to either Enroll, Enlist or Employ need help with any of these options, reach out to one of our career center counselors

What if I did not find the answer to my question?
If you did not have your question answered then you can see the career center counselors or contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.