What is the Early College Career Center (ECCC)?
It is established as a partnership between Vincennes University & Wayne Township to provide students the opportunity to earn a High School Diploma and an Associate’s Degree in Pharmacy Technology, Culinary Arts, or Precision Machining.

Who can attend the ECCC?
Any approved student in good standing that meets the admission requirements is eligible to join. There is an application that students must complete. Applications can be obtained from the Student Services Office.

What are the admission requirements?

  • Students will follow the academic, attendance, and behavioral guidelines outlined by their school corporation.
  • Student must be on track to be promoted to the next grade level.
  • Student on the Vincennes Career Academy for their 9th grade year will be given priority placement.

BDU & ECCC share many qualities. What is the difference between ECCC and BDU?
While the two Early College Programs share many similarities, some of the primary differences are the degree programs and the location. The Associate’s Degrees with ECCC focus on different career pathways, and since the classes are held at Ben Davis and Area 31 Career Center, students are allowed to participate in sports, band, choir, extra-curriculars, etc. as their schedule allows.

If I am not interested in one of the 4 program areas, can I still participate in the ECCC?
Beginning in their 10th grade year, students in the ECCC will have classes together and complete the program as a cohort. If a student is interested in withdrawing or switching to another ECCC major, the student’s parents should contact the Area 31 Career Pathway specialists. Please note that while we believe in finding the right program and degree for your student(s), we strongly encourage students to take advantage of this tuition-free Associate Degree program.

How much is the tuition?
The tuition for all Area 31 Career Center programs is paid by the local school district. There may be extra fees such as textbooks, uniforms, supplies and/or materials that may require payment by the student or parent. The ECCC strives to keep any of these costs at a minimum.

Will these college credits transfer to a four-year university?
Yes is the wildly accepted answer; however, it is up to each postsecondary institution to determine how they will evaluate a student’s transcript and decide which courses will apply toward a four year degree. Vincennes University is Indiana’s oldest college and is highly recognized among Indiana state supported four year universities.

Will there be other program areas available soon?
Yes, our hope is to have a variety of Associate Degree areas available for our students. Potential programs include: Construction, Health Careers, Criminal Justice, Computers and many more. Even though there are currently only 3 programs in ECCC, all Area 31 Career Center programs offer college credits.